Soli's Custom Upholstery

Custom creations, designed by you!

Who Are We? In short We are Soli's Custom Upholstery. Soli's Custom Upholstery is locally owned business in the city of Santa Rosa. I started working with upholstery at the age of 23, I first started out upholstering Cessna air plans, which are small privet planes. I had worked my way up to working with leather, then soon cars, vans. Motorcycle gear such as, chaps, gloves, jackets, if it needed upholstery work I have done it. I have 32 years of experience, from working with cars, vans and personal and hard to find clothing. All the work that I preform is created with ideas and preferences of your own creation. My experience and passion will guarantee custom work, never to be seen any where around.  



 Fabric's and Materials:

   I have been getting my fabrics and materials from local sources from day one. Vendors such as, Santa Rosa Custom Upholstery & Fabric Company located at 2925 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95407-6222, (707) 542-1300. Also Hide House located at 595 Monroe Street, Napa, CA 94559-3139, (707) 255-6160. Sustainability is our way of thinking.